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When you hear someone mention ‘eggshell paint’, are they using the right terminology? Is it paint or a type of finish? Actually it can be both paint and a finish. When you refer to it as paint, it is a range of colours from pale yellow to white with a tinge of yellow. When you are referring to it as a finish, it is a version of a satin finish, which is the glossiest finish for any room except the kitchen and bath. It has a velvety shine when it dries.

 eggshell paint

What purpose does eggshell paint serve?

Eggshell paint is the perfect paint for interior painting, especially if you want your walls to have a soft beautiful glow. It can be used on any walls including the living room, children’s room, kitchen and bathroom. It is the perfect paint.


When using this colour paint, it is a neutral colour, which means it goes with any décor. Keeping your walls this colour means that when you get tired of the current décor, you can just change it without having to worry about getting the right paint to match your new décor. In addition, it saves on the cost of paint and the time to do it. It is an excellent colour to use on a wall if you want to design it with murals. This colour is also a great background for classic paintings.


It is a great choice for the children’s room as it is washable and scrub resistant to a certain point. Children sometimes have an artistic urge and their walls become their palette. It does not matter if they draw with paints or pencils; the stains can easily be scrubbed off the wall.


To finnish off about eggshell paint

When you use eggshell paint it usually just requires one coat as it is thicker compared to other interior paints. It is a great choice because the finish is neither too matte nor too glossy, but a combination of the two. Using this paint will make your rooms look elegant and sophisticated yet inviting. No matter what type of furniture you have it will set it off and make it stand out. It is a better choice than just regular white as it does have a small amount of colour to it.